Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am EveryWear 30 Day Challenge!

I'm particpating in an awesome challenge with my lillebaby carrier during the month of May! With a few blog posts and some pictures I will be entered to win "The Ultimate 'On the Go' prize package" which includes the brand NEW Micralite Fastfold Superlite stroller, two new líllébaby diaper bags - Stockholm and Oslo, plus an additional EveryWear Carrier!

And, by the way, I absolutely love my new lillebaby baby carrier! I have three under three, so I do know a thing or two about baby carriers. Of the three we own, yes three, this is my favorite by far.

Today we went on our first family trip since Clara's birth on May 7th, and we decided not to venture out too far with our new family of five. We made it to our local library and had a great time. We had Abe walking, Rosie in the stroller, and Clara in the carrier. Surprisingly, everything went great! The kids all had a good time and Mommy and Daddy made it out alive!

It was so easy to have Clara in the carrier because I knew she was
completely secure and I was able to use my arms without worrying about her. I always feel with my other carriers that I should have one hand on the baby at all times...just in case. And with Abe running around, I need both hands!

Luckily, Rosie loves to ride around in the stroller so we should be able to tame her for awhile at least! She is pretty happy with a baggie full of cereal! Clara slept in the carrier the whole time, making it as easy as she could on Mommy. As you can see, I'm still able to juggle our bag, the stroller, the baby and all our other junk while wearing little Miss. Clara!

Abe LOVES going to the library, and so does mommy! Our library is leaps and bounds above what I had as a kid. With a huge puppet area, coloring, puzzles, tons of books and videos, and an awesome story time program it keeps us busy for a couple of hours.

Here is baby Clara sleeping away. I love how you can adjust the head support for all ages. She loves riding around with her momma!

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  1. This is awesome! So glad that the carrier is working for you and that's you are able to get out and about with your kids.


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