Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to Get Free Sunday Coupons

1. Unless you read the Sunday paper, there is no reason to buy it just for coupons. Plus, we always read it online anyway. Kum and Go has a free paper to anyone who gets a gas purchase over $15 on Sunday. If you can always just fill up/get $15 of gas on Sunday at the closest Kum and Go, you always have your Sunday coupon inserts for free. This might not seem like such a great idea especially if gas is more expensive at Kum and Go, but the cost of the paper plus the amount of money you will eventually save with those coupons totally outweighs the few extra cents per gallon.

2. Ask friends/coworkers/neighbors to save their Sunday coupons for you. Even if you think you won't use them, you never know when a deal will be too good to pass up, like something for free!

3. Coffee shops often have papers out for people to read on Sundays, if they don't mind, take their inserts!

4. I would totally still do this if I lived in Lincoln, dig through the community recycling! Go to the newspaper drop off and dumpster dive for the Sunday ads. Sound crazy? Maybe, until you find ten of those Snuggle coupons that equal ten free bottles of fabric softener!


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