Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple Changes for the New Year - A Sponsored Post

This is the first year I didn't make a New Year's Resolution, mostly because, well....I never finish them. But, this year instead I made a list of things I would like to accomplish. Read the bible, fit into some old clothes, talk to my sisters more frequently, be debt free, and some more. One of them was to do something for me.

I know it sounds incredibly selfish, but as a mom of three (soon to be four) under three, I don't get very much me time. I love my children, and I really love being a stay at home mom, but I often worry that my children won't be prepared for preschool and being without me or each other for any amount of time. The three of them are really close, and my oldest is a very good big brother who protects his little sisters. At the same time, they are codependent and have trouble being separated. Basically, I knew that taking some time for me would be good for all of us!

A friend of mine recently invited me to a bible study at her church, and so I decided to go. It's in the morning, and they provide free daycare for all the kiddos. I get two hours to recharge and I know my children are safe and right next door. My babies aren't adjusting very well, but they've never been in the care of anyone else ever before. It is good for both of us to have some time apart. Another thing I love about this study is that there is daily homework. That means everyday I have to take 20 minutes for myself. It keeps me accountable to taking care of myself, and keeps me sane.

There are about 100 women in this study and I'm in a small group of 8. I love being surrounded my women who understand where I am coming from. They're all moms, or grandmas and everybody knows what my days are like. We offer each other love and support and understanding. I've never been a part of a group like this before. It is good for the soul.

The best thing I've done since having children, is force myself to take time for me. Not just a shower, or a spa day, but an experience that refreshes the mind and body and makes me a better person. I look forward to going every week, and I know someday soon my kids will too!

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