Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 Tips for Making Your Life Easier - Just For Moms

Hey busy mommas, I know you all work hard out there! Here are some tips that I use to make life around my house easier. We all have our days where nothing seems to go right, but I've found that these little things can make a big difference.

1. Family Nap Time - I have three kids under three, and they don't always want to nap at the same time. But, the rule around here is, well that is just too bad! They all at least lay down after lunch, whether they sleep or not. It gives mommy some sanity time, and allows me to get a few things done without the kiddos underfoot.

2. Ask For Help - Ha! This one is really hard for me. But, I've found that if I just tell my husband I need help, instead of making him guess what I'm thinking, I get a lot more help!

3. Quick Night Time Clean Up - Every night, after we put the kids to bed, my husband and I always do a quick pick up of the main floor. We do all the dishes, pick up all the toys, and wipe down the kitchen. It takes about 20 minutes, but it saves so much time in the end. Plus, I always feel better with a clean kitchen!

4. Just Breathe - Another one I'm working on! There are moments in my day where I decide to laugh instead of cry, and walk away instead of blow up. I've found that if I can let the little things go, my day runs much more smoothly. And, I'm happier too!

5. Get A Routine - A set routine, that you follow every day, is an amazing God send! Sometimes I've found myself wishing that my kids didn't know the routine, because it does make it more difficult when the routine changes. But, my children ask to go to bed, take a bath, and clean up because they know exactly what comes next. It's really nice.

6. Set A Budget - If you have a budget, you don't have to worry about where your money is going. Not to mention, you don't have the guilt of overspending. I find that having a budget makes my life so much easier. Hmmm, should I buy my son this really cool train? Nope, not in the budget. It goes along with the routine, once you have control of your time and your money, you feel so much more serene.

7. Stockpile - Have a stockpile of food staples that your family uses often. If you run out of money for the month, no stress, you can eat the food you have saved. There's never an excuse for eating out because you always have something to eat in the house. Plus, stockpiling really saves you from have to go to the grocery store as often.

8. Park By the Cart Ranch - I know, you already do this, but there are plenty of moms I see out there that don't. Before I had kids I of course scouted for the closet parking spot, because really who wants to walk, right? But now, I park at the edge of the parking lot if it means I can park by the cart ranch. First, it means I don't have to leave my kids unattended to go grab the cart, and second it makes unloading so much easier and saves you time in the long run!

9. Schedule Yearly Physicals - For yourself, and your car! When you keep up on regular maintenance in your life, you can easily avoid the huge explosions. Seeing your doctor, dentist, car mechanic, etc. regularly prevents you from facing emergencies which add emotional and monetary stress.

10. Shop Online - This is my favorite tip, I love online shopping! There are so many fun sites that allow you to find coupon codes and bargains. When done right, it really is cheaper and easier than dragging all your little ones to the store.

I hope at least one of these no-nonsense tips helps you make your life easier. There are days when I feel like I have them all in the bag, and others where I'm sure that I'm a total hypocrite. But, just remember no matter the stress of it all your babies love you and that makes it all worth it!

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