Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So Sweet Designs - Blog Redesign

I'm so excited to announce my blog redesign...or should I say design! Everything you see here was done my me, the least technically savy person you know.  Needless to say, it is time for a head to toe makeover for my little baby. Thanks to all of you, my blog baby is now grown up. I've recruited the help of So Sweet Designs to make my blog beautiful and new again.

So Sweet Designs is owned by Noor, a talented young momma. She has always been an artist since she can remember, and would save her money as a child and go to the local hobby shop to buy art supplies. After she was married she started her first blog Ya Salam Cooking for food, she loves to cook. She soon discovered that she wanted to redesign her blog and taught herself graphics design. She picked it up very fast and soon found out that it was her passion over all things. 

She started So Sweet Designs in the beginning of 2010 and has been happily designing blogs since. So Sweet Designs offers affordable rates, Etsy packages, an illustrator that will cartoon you for a low price and lets not forget about all the freebies such as templates, post dividers, graphics and wallpapers. Visit So Sweet Designs today and have a look around. Remember that your blog is you and should be as unique as you are!

So Sweet Designs has a great list of freebies and tutorials! Go check her out!


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