Wednesday, September 22, 2010 Deal Pro Contest is a great website where you can find coupon codes for your favorite retailers, and get your questions answered by savings experts. It is a great resource when you need to buy something specfic, but aren't quite sure how to get the best deal.

Right now they are running a contest for frugal bloggers to attend their "Save Up" blogging conference all expenses paid. They base their selection on two areas, those who find the best deals and those who get the most votes. If you're interested in entering the competition, there is still time, just go here.

I'm working hard to get to this conference, and this baby blogger is up against some very seasoned competition. But right now, this little blogger is number one on the deal seeking side!! Check it out!

But my friends, I'm lacking a little in the votes side, and I could really use your help. There's me in 13th place, boo!

You're supposed to be able to vote once daily per computer. Some people are having trouble voting and we're unsure exactly why. But, I would love any help you can give. Vote at home, vote at work, vote at your mom's, vote in the computer lab, put it on your facebook, or write a blog post. I promise that when I get to this conference I'll bring back lots of info to share and hopefully some swag for you too! There's two weeks left in this competition, so let's show 'em how we getter done!


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