Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No coupons!

I just needed to share with you my friends that I am going through coupon withdrawl. First, we didn't get the ads this weekend because we were out of town, and just plum forgot. Then, our printer stopped working! I keep finding all these great deals that I want to do...alas we will have to find room in the budget for a new printer!

So, any ideas about where we can find a good cheap printer?


  1. Have you looked into UPromise? It uploads the coupons to your grocery store discount card:) It's the only idea I have. Hope the withdrawal is not too bad:)
    Also,wanted to let you know that I posted my first of a month long of Be a Better me challenges today, hope you can stop by and link up!

  2. I know one thing I've learned when shopping for printers is to check ink prices. It isn't a bargain if it cost an arm and a leg for ink.


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