Sunday, September 19, 2010

I just want a new that so much to ask for?

 My whole life I've dreamed about the future, things I want and things I'd like to do. Up until now, they've always been big dreams. A new house, a new T.V., a new stroller, a European vacation, but now I dream about things like new underwear. I guess a lot has changed!

My hubs and I are working on paying off our debt, Dave Ramsey style. We're currently working on "baby step" number 2, and are doing an awesome job if I don't say so myself. Currently we put over 1/4 of our income into paying off debt, and we'll be done sometime next summer. Until then, our budget is extremely tight, and every spare penny goes to paying off our debt.

However, there are days when I long to melt that block of ice that our one last credit card is frozen in and run to Target. (Yes it really is frozen in a block of ice.) My hubby said that sometimes Dave Ramsey gets hate mail from teenagers saying that they were going to get a new car or something, but now their parents are saving it for college. I think that is hilarious, because there are a few moments when I too loathe Mr. Ramsey. Usually those moments occur when I'm driving past Taco Bell.

I've found that there are a few things that keep me going on this plan. Besides the loving support of my husband and the knowledge that we are providing everything I always wanted growing up for our kids now, I have a list.

If you don't personally know me, I'm obsessed with lists. My husband has named me the List President, and I often make lists just for the fun of it. And so, you see as every good project deserves a list, here is my list of things I am going to do once we are debt free. (This post may have been written just to have an excuse to make a list.)

1. Watch a show on Food Network, go to the grocery store and buy those exact ingredients, and come home and make it. Preferably a recipe that has a very expensive cheese ingredient....I love cheese as much as I love lists.

2. Purchase the brand of deodorant and tampons that I prefer. It sounds stupid I know, but I stockpile what is on sale for super cheap and free and that is what works in our budget. But, I dream about someday buying the Degree Clinical Strength deodorant and not giving a damn how much it costs.

3. Buying a new bra. I'm talking full support, double underwire, padded straps, fancy non-itchy lacey design, and for the love of God no snaps for nursing. I don't care if it costs me $200, I WANT IT!

4. I want to buy my little girls matching outfits. Is that really so bad? I want to walk into The Children's Place, pick out two ridiculously adorable outfits that are in season and with matching shoes and headbands of course, and buy them without a second thought. I might even do it without a coupon.

5. Go to a REAL photographer, spend the day on location with my family, and then buy a giant family portrait. I'm not talking JC Penny portrait studios or Portrait Innovations here, I'm talking about a real life photographer, with a camera that can leave the building, and a portfolio full of pictures that make your heart melt. 

So, here is my list. These five things keep me on track for my debt snowball, because I know that someday soon I can have them. So, what is on your list?


  1. Great post! I enjoyed reading your list.

  2. I love your list, that's awesome. Especially the no snaps for a nursing bra!! My little guy is only three months old, I have a ways to go.

  3. My husband also calls me the list queen lol. You made me laugh with this post but I know how it feels we live VERY tight as well prob more so then you do. Were trying to open a business so we do without everything unless we HAVE to have it. We got to do whats best for us though later right. Good job in a year you will be so proud :)

  4. I loved this post and can totally relate. Just remember you are a cherished child of God and it's His hearts desire that you are happy. He WILL provide for your needs and you WILL be blessed beyond measure. I can look back over the past year and see times when God absolutely spoiled us. Sure I have my list too - but the crazy thing is that His list blows ours out of the water! Just watch and see :)


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