Wednesday, September 1, 2010

10 Tips for a Cleaner Greener Home - Frugal Style

Since becoming a momma, I have also become a lot more green. Suddenly everything I do affects someone else directly, and that is a lot of pressure. But, while I want to be as green as possible, sometimes being green can mean spending a lot of extra money. But, here are 10 great tips you can use that won't put a hole in your budget.

1. Recycle - Recycle what you can, be it cardboard and glass or produce by making a compost pile. If paying for recycling is too much of an extra cost for you, consider where you can take some recyclable items for free. For example, at Target, you can take your cans and bottles in for free!

2. Open Your Windows - Opening your windows greatly reduces the amount of air-borne contaminants in your home, plus it costs you nothing!

3. Make Your Own Cleaners - There are a lot of easy ways to make your own cleaners, for example to wash your laminate floors mix equal parts water and vinegar and a dash of dish soap. Diluted bleach also kills bacteria and saves money, though it is not so green.

4. Reuse Water - Reuse water in a rain barrel, from your bath tub, drinking glasses, etc. to water your plants.

5. Use Baking Soda to Refresh Your Home - Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet, then vacuum. It refreshes your carpet and gets rid of odors. It also works in your fridge and your laundry.

6. Take Off Your Shoes - Simply removing your shoes when you are in your home prevents many toxins from entering your living space. Plus, it means less cleaning work for you saving you both time and money!

7. Air Dry Your Clothes - Using a clothes line saves money and energy. If you're worried about your clothes becoming stiff, put a little vinegar in the washing machine and the stiffness will go away!

8. Prevent Bathroom Mold - Use a spray bottle filled with one cup water and one drop tree-tea oil to clean your bathroom. This will prevent and kill any mold, and leave a nice fresh smell! Tree-tea oil can be expensive, but it has many uses and lasts a long time.

9. Clean With Water First - Sometimes just a good wipe down is all a mess needs. If you clean with water first you can get rid of the big mess and then you can save the cleaner for what is left.

10. Wash Your Car on the Lawn - If you are washing your car, drive it on to the lawn so that you can wash and water all at the same time. Your neighbors may look at you funny, but you're being green and frugal.

As you can see being green doesn't have to cost a thing. You can feel good about doing something positive for the environment and keeping your pocketbook happy. Plus, don't forget reusing is good for the environment too, any time you repurpose something you are saving the earth and your pocketbook! So tell me, what did I miss?

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