Sunday, August 22, 2010

Energizer Charge Smart Battery Charger -

Have you heard of the Energizer Smart Charger? I just read of it on another blog, and thought to myself we really need that! We don't replace batteries on the kids' toys regularly just because it is so expensive, but things like the baby swing, the vibrating chair, and our ball popper have to be working for mommy's sanity. It ends up equaling a lot of money and a lot of batteries. Heck, the baby swing takes 4 D batteries at least twice a month!  It got me thinking that perhaps I need to look into rechargeable batteries. I'm sure that amortized over time rechargeable batteries cost a whole lot less. Not to mention they are better for the environment!

I am a little sad to admit that we have never used rechargeable batteries, mostly because I don't know anything about them. But, this one looks pretty cool! I really like how you can see the display from across the room, and know exactly how much time you have left! And, it has a bad battery alert if you insert the wrong kind of battery. I can totally see Mommy doing this in a sleep deprived moment when Thomas the tank engine isn't working. It automatically shuts off on it's own!

I wrote this post in order to be eligible to receive a smart charger and a $15 Target gift card. For more info on how you can do it too go here!


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