Tuesday, August 31, 2010

CNN Money Article - Can a family of four live on only $110,000 a year...yeah, that's what I thought too!

Check out this article CNN Money posted today titled, "Can mom afford to work only part time?" I find it so ridiculous to think that a family of four making over $110,000 isn't sure if they'll be able to make it, are you with me? I mean of course depending on where you live, cost of living is different, but anyone can make it work. I know families of 4+ that make it on less than half of that every year.

The power of couponing and living debt free is awesome, I wish I could share it with everyone!


  1. If hubby made $78,000 a year? I'd quit my job and blog full time. Thats more than we make together now and we get by just fine even with a car payment, mortgage payment, 3 loans and a credit card.

  2. I agree, families live off way less than that every day! We just completed Dave Ramsey's FPU and are on our way to financial freedom and living debt free! I agree, it's awesome to have that financial freedom! It all has to do with our priorities and the choices we make on where to put our money.

  3. On 110K? sigh. Way possible-even if does mean that you need to think about how you spend the money.

    (But why is it always the mom?)


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