Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amazon Sale on Britax Car Seats

If you have a little one, than you know how expensive car seats can be. It is hard to choose between safety and the pocketbook, and ususally some kind of compromise has to be made. We bought my son a kind of generic brand convertible car seat and while it does the job, it doesn't seem very comfortable or sturdy.

My daughter has the Britax Marathon, and the difference between the two is night and day. Hers is so much easier to clean and adjust. Not to mention, I feel confident that it is the safest car seat out there. I'm only speaking from experience, and have no sponsorship from Britax, but because I think they're so awesome I wanted to share with you this great sale that is having right now!

You can save anywhere from 17% to 32% on Britax convertible car seats. The best thing about these car seats is that they work from infancy to 65 pounds. You only have to buy one car seat ever, so even though it is an investment it is a one time only kinda thing!

Check out this great sale here!


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