Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 Frugal Family Ideas

Here are 5 of our family's favorite frugal activities, all of which you can do when you've got the kiddos on your own or have two parents to help!

1. Take a walk or visit the local park. My kiddos love to get outside and play, especially some place new. Try a new park in your area, or walk to the grocery store for a treat!

2. Visit your local library. We have a great library system here and there are all kinds of fun activities for kids to do like story time, make and take activities, puzzles and more. Check your local library and see what is available!

3. Go to Target. That's right, I said it. Target is a favorite past time in this house. Take advantage of the free cookie for kids at the bakery. That plus $1 popcorn and stroll your kids up and down the aisles. Mine love to look at the toys and enjoy a box of popcorn. Sometimes one parent takes the kids while the other grocery shops!

4. Build a Tent. Everything is better in a tent, no, really! Build a fort in your living room, pop some popcorn and read some books. You can use blankets, boxes, towels, whatever! Your kids will love it!

5. Play Dress Up. My kiddos love to walk into mommy and daddy's closet and pull things off the hangers. Who doesn't, right? I put my husband's clothes on my two year old, and my clothes on my one-year old and they parade around in front of the mirror. It can usually kill at least a half hour when I'm really desperate!

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  1. ok you have me thinking of the past. How about feeding ducks or geese? Bread bags full of scraps/stale bread and washable shoes...
    Homemade ice cream is fun. My kids really loved it when I would go to the local appliance store and bring home a refridgerator box. We cut windows, colored it, made it a castle, rolled down the hill in it, made a puppet theatre...we made homemade puppets with socks, markers and buttons.

    so many more.

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  2. Ha, ha, ha! Target, that's right! The $1.00 popcorn and the free cookies. Thanks for sharing that. I learned the tent trick long ago - and it's a good one.


  3. Great ideas! I am a follower from Making friends Monday...thanks for linking up and following me. Mom from www.reviewedbymom.blogspot.com


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