Monday, August 23, 2010

4 Places That Get What Being A SAHM Is Like - ie. Free Candy!

So there are a few places I'm willing to take my three darlings on my own, ie. there are a few places that pass out free (fill-in-the-blank) that I can use as a bribe for good behavior.

1. Grocery Stores - Target and my local Hy-Vee both pass out free cookies in the bakery. All you have to do is ask for one. Unfortunately, they are only for the kids. Apparently they don't realize that I need chocolate to make it through the shopping trip too. Also, I recently discovered that the meat department at my Hy-Vee passes out suckers. They just have a container sitting out on the counter for kids! Also, Fareway passes out cookies for free too and frequently my kids have gotten suckers in the check-out lane.

2. The Bank - First of all, you don't have to get out of the car! And second of all, you get adult contact....really what more could you ask for. Free candy? Oh yes, Wells Fargo always has suckers for the kids all you have to do is ask. They usually have treats for your furry children too. I'm sure most financial institutions do this as well.

3. The Post Office - Granted you may have to stand in line, but if you have to run this errand any way, I discovered they too pass out free suckers at the registers!

4. Hair Cut - No, I don't take my kids when I get my hair cut. Though, I would love to set my three free in the salon and just watch hilarity ensue. But, we always go to Great Clips because there are frequently $7.99 hair cut coupons in the Val Pack mailer and there is a location really close to us. My son is programed to know that he gets a sucker before-hand and one-after. You may have read a recent post in which my son also got a temporary tattoo and the highest honor of sweeping up his own hair and pushing the button to turn on the machine that sucks it all into the waste receptacle. You know he is still talking about that!

I will say that I don't really use these as bribes. My kids are really well-behaved it's just that they know these things exist, so when I say let's go to the grocery store my son says, "and get a cookie?".

Are there any more we should add to the list?


  1. Ha..funny...our post office isn't so nice and our kroger is good for stickers :)- (often of which I am peeling from my window after, hehe). My daughter knows all the places where they get goodies, she can't remember to pick up her toy but that bank is a score building for suckers! :)you are funny!!

  2. My son loves to get suckers from the bank! And, our local Kroger used to give out free cookies, that is until one day Luke was being cranky and the lines were Super Long so I went and asked for one hoping that would keep him content until we could get out of there and they informed me that they were no longer aloud to give out cookies. The guy behind the counter felt sorry for me and gave me one but told me not to tell anyone.


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