Thursday, August 12, 2010

10 Money-Saving Tips For Going Back To School!

Top 10 Money-Saving Tips For Going Back To School

1. Shop The Sales - Ok, obvious right? But, don't shop when you are tired, or last minute. Prepare your trips ahead of time to make the most of your time and money.

2. Shop Garage Sales/Consignment Sales - Do your best to save money on back to school clothes by buying them at garage sales and consignment sales.

3. Shop Clothes Sales for Next Year - Watch for the 75% off and up clearance prices. You can buy staple items like socks, underwear, and jeans in the sizes your child will wear next year.

4. Pack Your Child's Lunch - You can save a ton of money by packing your child's lunch as opposed to hot lunches at school. This way you can make sure they are getting healthy food too! Don't forget to include a note for your little one, or not so little one on the first day of school.

5. Buy in Bulk - Buy enough school supplies now to last you through the year. Inevitably, your child will need more pens, pencils, and loose leaf. Buy it now while it is on sale and stash it for later on in the year.

6. Carpool - If you have the ability to car pool, it is a great way to save time and money. Even if you are a stay-at-home mom, trade off with another parent for pick up or drop off.

7. Don't Buy All the New-Fangled School Stuff - Your child will survive with the 24 box of crayons, and the regular colored markers. Unless it is otherwise specified stick to the basics. Usually the fancy upgrades aren't needed and they can even cause problems in school as they become distractions to other kids.

8. Buy a Lunch Bag - Invest in a reusable lunch box. It saves money in the long run, and saves our planet by producing less trash.

9. Pack Water for Your Child - As opposed to disposable containers of milk, juice, soda, or even water, send your child with a reusable water container. Water is what your child needs during the school day, and using a reusable container saves you and our Earth.

10. Limit the Number of After School Activities - Whether your child is in school activities or private sports leagues, they can get pricey! Keeping your child in only one or two things will save you money in so many ways. You won't have to pay the enrollment fees, no uniforms, and no gas for transporting back and forth. Plus, you gain so much more quality time with your family, and it gives your child the proper amount of time to focus on studying and homework.

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