Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In Week 4! Eek!

I love linking up with the Weekly Weigh-In over at Marvelous Mommy...if anything it keeps me honest with myself!

So the news this week: My gestational hypertension is no longer gestational...just hypertension. Yep, my blood pressure has not come back down and it has been ten weeks since Clara was born. So, even more reason to get my butt moving!

Clara has her two month check-up today so I'm going to talk with our pediatrician about how to diet and exercise and still keep my supply healthy so I can continue to breast feed successfully.

Last Week's Weight (and the week before, and the week before, and the week before...) - 165 lbs.
This Week's Weight - 165 lbs.
My Goal for Next Week - Please Lord, Anything but 165!


  1. At least you're maintaining!! I would focus on working out and trying to eat healthy food. That's what I did and I never had any trouble with my milk supply. Just make sure you're eating enough and getting enough calories! ;-)

  2. Walking is a great way to lose. Your daughter will love to be outdoors and I hears that fresh air helps infants sleep better at night :)
    You can do it!!

  3. Maintaining is better then gaining, but I know you are frustrated. Yea I worry about dieting and exercising messing up my milk supply.

  4. I agree with Amy, at least you're maintaining! It means you're burning as many calories as you're eating. Maybe try adding a little something extra into your daily routine - maybe some yoga or pilates? They have a lot of really good baby yoga videos that you can do with a newborn.

  5. Thanks for the follow, I'm already a follower! :)

  6. Dido to the other posts... maintaining and not gaining! Drink lots of water and eat 5 small healthy meals a day so your metabolism stays up and you should be good to go for a new number under 165 next week!! :) Keep it up!!

  7. At least your maintaining. I say add in a little more exercise and you should be on your way. Here's hoping that you see new numbers next week!!!

  8. Oh I know you'll do it. It just takes time and sometimes that darn scale is laughing at you but you will do it, you will do great. Keep working at it and keep sharing. We'll all be here to keep your going.
    Take care and have a restful, blessed evening.

  9. Hi! I am a new follower from Social Parade. Great site. I will be back. Have a blessed weekend.


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