Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Target Baby Registry = Lots of Coupons!!

When I was pregnant with my third a few months back, I registered at Target. Did I expect anyone to look at it....no, but not only was it fun to shoot the little gun at the codes, I also scored some really great coupons just by doing it.

The best score was the free $20 Shutterfly gift card, but check out all this awesome swag you get just for registering!
Target Coupons:

-$1.50/1 Jumbo pack or larger Huggies Diapers exp 9/4/10
-$1/1 98ct or larger Huggies wipes exp 9/4/10
-$1/1 California baby toiletry excl trial size exp 9/4/10
-$1/1 Johnson baby care product – Bath or Lotion (excl travel size and buddies products) exp 12/31/10
-$1/1 Johnson or Desitin baby care product – Hair care, powder, baby oil or diaper rash ointment (excl trial size and buddies products) exp 12/31/10
-$1/1 Jumbo pack or larger Luvs diapers exp 9/4/10
-$1/1 Pampers wipes (excl trial size) exp 9/4/10
-$1/1 Target Cafe purchase of $1 or more exp 8/31/10
-$2/1 Gerber purchase of $10 or more – Baby food or Graduates exp 9/4/10
-$2/1 Johnson spf 40 baby daily face and body lotion
-$2/1 jumbo pack or larger Pampers exp 9/4/10
-$3/1 Gilligan & O’Malley nursing bra or tank exp 9/4/10
-$3/1 purchase both Pampers baby wipes and diapers (excl trial size) exp 8/15/10
-$5/1 8pk 2fl oz Simiilac Advance EarlyShield ready to feed bottles exp 7/1/10
-$5/1 20oz or larger Enfamil powder formula exp 8/31/10
-$5/1 24oz or larger Gerber Good Start powder infant formula exp 9/4/10
-$5/1 purchase of both Pampers jumbo pack or larger diapers and 420ct or larger wipes exp 9/4/10
-$6/1 Gerber Good Start powder infant formula exp 9/30/10
-$20 off Medela electric breast pump exp 9/4/10
-$75/1 Aveeno baby toiletry excl trial size exp 9/4/10
-5% off Brightstarts ingenuity product exp 9/4/10
-75c/1 Johnson or Desitin baby toiletry excl trial size and buddies exp 9/4/10

Now the coupons may have been updated or changed since I went back in March, but I love how they included a ton of Target and Manufacturer's coupons that were easily stacked! I've scores some really great deals with these coupons, including a free popcorn in the Target cafe which kept my two oldest busy through a whole shopping trip!

Thanks to STL Mommy for the complete list of coupons!


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