Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Disney Rewards Code

Enter this new code to get 5 free Disney Movie Rewards Points. Login here.

L8N5VG3F6C (5 Points)

Don't have an account yet? Check out this info:

If you aren't already a member, Disney has a great rewards program for purchase of their movies! Of course, there are free codes too, which is how I've racked up a lot of my points. I'm saving to buy a DVD to use as a Christmas/Birthday gift, but I haven't quite decided which one yet! But, they have all kinds of prizes, not just DVD's. There are several ways to earn points...

1. After you sign up here, you can enter any codes from DVD's or Blue Rays you may already own. I found a couple that were sitting around the house...

2. Once you sign up, there are surveys you can take from time to time. There is a newbie one, so fill that out right away.

3. There are usually codes in the email newsletters they send monthly.

4. Check back here for awesome free points! 

Thanks. Pirates of the Supermarket!


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