Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Fabulous Shopping Trip at Hy-Vee...

So I'm not trying to rub it in, because I know a lot of you don't have the Hy-vee chain stores and this "Red-Hot 2 Day Sale" is over, but I just have to share with you my awesome shopping trip last night because I know you guys can appreciate it. There are some evenings when the stars align, and things go even better than you had planned....

20 Boxes of Eggo Waffles at $.80 Each = $16

11 Packages of Kraft Shredded Cheese at 3/$5 = $18.37
- But wait, then I found 11 peelies for $1/1 and ended up paying $7.37!!!!!!!

3 Packages of Butter at $1.77 = $5.31

1 Carton of Eggs = $1.19

And, I had a catalina for $1 off total purchase. So my grand total for 20 boxes of waffles, 11 packages of shredded cheese, 3 packages of butter, and 1 carton of eggs, drumroll please.....$28.87!

We don't have any place that doubles coupons or that has epic grocery sales around here so I cannot tell you how excited I am. We will be eating waffles for a very long long time because oh yeah, you know I went back for 15 boxes more!


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