Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Way to Give on a Budget and Keep Your House Organized!

We moved into our new home last October with our almost two year old, 6 month old, and a pregnant mommy; not to mention Daddy our dog and our cat. Even though we are very fortunate to be living in our new four bedroom home, I already feel like we are busting at the seams and using all our storage space.

Our basement is unfinished, and is still full of boxes and boxes of things that we haven't used since we moved in. That means, we must not need it! Granted, some of it is baby clothes, and Christmas decorations, etc. Things that we do need to store, but half of it, I don't even know what it is. Besides both my parents and my in-laws are borderline hoarders, so I really hate clutter.

I finally have back some of my old gusto after being so drained from pregnancy, and one of the things I am going to cross of my list this summer is organizing the basement and sorting through each box. With this in mind, I made a goal to get rid of at least 500 items from my house this summer. These items will all be going to Goodwill! The hubby has agreed that he isn't going to look in the boxes of things we're getting rid of, he is going to just trust my judgment. He is not so great at getting rid of things, which is maybe why I am so quick to toss things. Usually these kinds of projects end with, "you're getting rid of my favorite...", but not this time!

As we're working to have all our debt paid off by October minus the house, it is hard to find extra money to give to charity besides what we tithe to our church, but this is one way we can help. I know that by giving my things to Goodwill, they will be able to make money to further their great causes. Not only that, but when my house is clean and organized, so is my mind. I find myself happier and able to think better when my house is clean.

 So with that in mind, here are my scary before pictures....I can't believe I'm sharing these!

But, there is hope for the future! I just raided my closet, happy to get rid of some maternity clothes that never actually fit anyway, along with some items that have been earmarked Goodwill. The best part is I'm already 1/10 of the way to my goal!
6 Pairs of Shoes
21 Clothing Items
9 Baby Bibs
1 Framed Picture
1 Statuette
19 Misc. Kitchen Items

The Running Total of Items Donated = 57!

Feeling inspired? Try this for yourself, how many of you can find 500 items to donate? Comment here as I keep you updated on my progress or start this on your own blog. Donating your gently used items is a great way to give on a budget!


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