Monday, June 14, 2010

So I've Said It Before...

and, I'll say it again! I love Kum and Go Gas Station! I subscribe to their email deals and today they sent me a free Redbox code! Ok, I know it is weird, but I've also received all kinds of freebies in my inbox from Kum and Go! Here are my top 5 reasons for LOVING Kum and Go!

1 - Free Sunday newspaper when you buy $15 worth of gas, that means free coupons

2 - It costs $5 for two gallons of milk every day. We buy milk there every weekend and when you are buying whole milk and 2%, that really is a good deal

3 - Awesome online coupons, if you sign up for their email notices you will get monthly coupons for things like free fountain drinks, bottled drinks, and snacks...if you are going anyway hooray for one more free thing!

4 - Survey on every receipt,  I haven't won yet, but every Sunday I get a chance to win a $1,000 Kum and Go gift card for filling out their online survey

5 - Their store is super clean...ok, not a money-saving tip, but it is much appreciated!


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