Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nielsen Home Scan Panel - Taking New Members

National Consumer Panel
The National Consumer Panel is looking for new members to join their National Consumer Panel Freebies program! 

I'm currently a member, and I can tell you I'm so excited to be able to redeem my points for Christmas presents this year. The way it works is they send you a scanner, and you scan all of your purchases in for the week. It does take some time, but time is all it costs you. It transmits every week and you get bonus points for keeping your scans current and participating in surveys. I also just got bonus points for my birthday! Plus, you get entered in all kinds of sweepstakes!

I'm hoping to get my kids this either for this Christmas or the next...awesome, right! The best part is that it is going to be a totally free gift!

It costs you absolutely nothing to participate, and when/if you decide the program isn't for you it costs you nothing to send the scanner back.

I've found their website so helpful, and they have a great customer service line and help videos. I wanted to tell you too that this is in no way a paid endorsement, nor did I receive anything for posting this, I just really think it is a great program. I hope you can get involved too!


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