Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Admit It, I Bought Coupons Online!

So, when I first heard about buying coupons, I'm just gonna be honest, I thought it was totally absurd. I mean, I didn't think there was any deal good enough out there worth purchasing coupons for. I mean, sure there is always ways to score free body wash or deodorant with coupons, but in only a few months of couponing I've gotten so many free body care products I certainly don't need any more. So what deal could have been so good you ask, to change my mind....BABY WIPES!!!

The 6/6 P&G Brandsaver had coupons for $2 off Pampers Wipes. I'm sure you've heard about how Wal-mart and Target sell tubs of wipes for $1.97, making these free or a money-maker if you're lucky. With three babies in diapers, we go through way too many wipes. There really aren't very many high-value wipe coupons, and with only Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and Target locally we don't get very good drug store deals around here.

Well, after I redeemed the four $2/1 Wipes coupons I had from my weekend papers, I felt invincible! No, I'm not exaggerating. Isn't that how you feel when you get freebies? I needed more free wipes, but I had no coupons, what to do? This is when I realized I might have to eat my words, I needed more wipe coupons and I needed them soon. I started researching online.

I found two websites that had these coupons in stock, Coupons And Things By Dede and The Coupon Clippers. Each site had limits on how many you can buy in a given time period, which is smart because I seriously thought about purchasing all 300. Anyway, all you need is a paypal account and the transaction is easy. So yes, I paid for the coupons, but I still saved a hefty bundle of money, see below for the breakdown. My favorite part was when they arrived via mail three days later, the coupons were perfectly cut. Call me anal, but I hate crooked coupons. These were sliced by perfectionists! It was so easy and if there is ever a deal this good again, I wouldn't think twice about doing it again!

Coupons And Things By Dede (5 Coupons + Shipping)      $2.44
The Coupon Clippers (10 Coupons + Shipping)                   $5.44
Total Cost of Coupons                                                           $7.88

15 Tubs of Wipes at $1.97 Each  =  $29.55
Total Amount of Savings = $22.12!!

In case you're wondering that is about $.007 a wipe, less than a penny a wipe! But, here is the kicker, I got the money-maker on all of these coupons. So for each tub, I got the extra three cents since each tub was a $1.97 and the coupons were for $2 off. So I got a free $.45! Don't laugh, I'll take fifty cents however I can get it!



  1. Sounds interesting, but I don't know if I'll ever buy coupons online. I think I would get a little out of hand...I tend to grab any coupon out there, whether I use it or not! I actually have a box of coupons I don't think I'll use haha.

    Cheap Geeks Anonymous

  2. I've always said I'd never buy coupons, but if a great deal like this comes up, who knows.

  3. I don't think it is absurd. If it saves you money, it is worth it. I bought (5) 10%off Lowes coupons for $3. Then we went and bought a $2000 front door and saved $200. That was worth it :)

  4. Jennifer - What a great idea. I never thought of purchasing coupons for big ticket items like that, genius!


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