Friday, May 28, 2010

Our Day Out With Our Lillebaby Baby Carrier - Take 2

 So, today we made the decision to take the whole family to the zoo...maybe not the best decision in 90 degree weather, but I am determined to still do all of the family things we did before we had baby Clara. In case you're wondering we have three children; Abe is 29 months old, Rose is 13 months, and Clara is 3 weeks!

So, how was this feat manageable? Well, with the help of our trusty double stroller and my new Lillebaby baby carrier! Clara hung out in the carrier the whole time and didn't make a peep. One feature I LOVE about the Lillebaby baby carrier is the sun shade. It covers her head when she is sleeping so she doesn't get a sunburn, and it is made out of light colored fabric so it doesn't turn into a sauna inside the carrier.

As you can see the whole stroller thing didn't last long, it never does, but that is why I'm so thankful to have this baby carrier. I could theoretically hold all three babies in a pinch if I really needed to. I love how I don't have to worry about Clara in the carrier and I know she is safe and secure. Obviously I can still do everything I would normally do while wearing the carrier, including being a human jungle gym!

Once Abe saw the train, he didn't care about seeing any of the animals. So after lots of whining, we headed over to the train station. Here is a picture of our sweaty selves riding the train. The breeze sure felt nice once the train started going. Surprisingly we all fit on one bench, and another thing I love about the Lillebaby Baby carrier is it is so easy to sit when wearing it.


All in all it was a good trip, we didn't stay too long, but anytime we do something as a family, I consider it a success!


  1. I love that baby carriage you have the the stroller we need one of that. Im sure you had great time at the zoo despite of the heat. Followed you back here from FF.

  2. hiii
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    Btw I loove your blog!

  3. Love the pic of baby Clara looks like she's looking at her mama! We took our little one to the zoo a couple of months ago and she had so much fun, but yeah, strollers don't last very long.

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  5. Such a cute family!

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