Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My latest Target trip!

As you can see, my latest Target trip was quite fruitful!! I got two pairs of men's dress socks, a 5 pack of Belly bars, and a pack of Motrin PM for 36 cents, which was only the tax! Here's how you can do it too!

Merona Men's Socks $2.50
Print two $3 coupons for Merona Men's Wear Item from Target Website.
= Free plus possible 50 cent overage on each pair

5 Pack Bella Bars $7.99
Print $4/1 5 Pack Belly Bar from Target Website
Print $3/1 5 Pack Belly Bar
= 99 cents or Free when combined with other purchases that have overages
(I bought them to use as snacks for Abe, they are healthy!)

Motrin PM 20 Pack $3.99
Print $1/1 Motrin from Target Website
Use $3/1 Motrin from 4/18 Red Plum Insert
= Free

If you haven't gotten your free Suave deoderant yet, this would be a great addition to your trip.

Suave 24 Hour Protection 2-pk $2.94
Use $3/2 Coupon Printable
= Free (Print two coupons for a total of four deodorants)

P.S. - My best hint at a stress-free check-out is to find the teenager who looks like he doesn't care about his job. C'mon teachers, you know which one that is...they always ring up coupons without question. Even though these deals are all absolutely legitimate, sometimes couponing can have it's headaches!


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