Friday, April 9, 2010

Brand Loyalty

How important are certain brand names to you?

When I first started this whole couponing experience, I had several brands of items I HAD to have...or at least I thought so. I thought we had to have Tide, but when it comes down to it Tide is the most expensive brand of detergent and their coupons aren't great. Once I realized you could get free or super cheap detergent as long as you didn't worry about brand names, I decided maybe I didn't care that much. I thought I needed a certain deodorant, diaper, shampoo, cereal, and the list goes on and on....

Make a list of what brand names you really can't give up. My list started with 8 to 10 things that I wouldn't budge on, but now it is down to two. Think about why you like that brand is it that it is really better, or it is what you have always used? Do you just like the scent/flavor, and do other brands make that same type? My list is now narrowed down to Jiff and Charmin, I will never give up good peanut butter and soft toilet paper no matter the price.

If you are looking for an easy way to immediately shave $10 to $20 off your monthly grocery budget this is it! But, I have found that I have saved an easy $200 a month on my grocery/body care budget by changing the need for brand loyalty. I don't mean you have to buy generic or store brand, but buy the best deal that week, whatever it is.


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