Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Average Cost per Diaper

So, in much of my money-saving research I have been working on a price sheet for diapers. I am composing an average price book for my own purposes for things like milk, meat, etc., but that is another post for another day. Anyway, this is what I found is an average cost per diaper if you find a sale or have a coupon.

However, as I am providing this info I also want to add in there that I haven't paid these prices for a LONG time. Over the past few months, I've paid almost 12 cents per diaper for both Abe and Rose. Now that is buying during a good sale combined with good coupons and buying Huggies (blech), but totally worth the savings! When I see the next steal, I'll let you know!

Certainly never pay more than this, it isn't worth it! Stick a small calculator in your purse so you know when you are getting a goo deal and when you are being robbed!

Size N: 19 cents
Size 1: 17 cents
Size 2: 18 cents

Size 3: 22 cents

Size 4: 23 cents

Size 5: 25 cents

Size 6: 30 cents


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